Pain Management Mesquite, TX

Led by top pain management physician Dr. Tian Zhao, the Pain Treatment Institute is conveniently located in Mesquite TX. Our pain management doctor group offers state-of-the-art pain care for both acute and chronic pain. As a double-board certified pain management physician, Dr. Zhao utilizes conservative pain treatments first. Our Mesquite pain management clinic is now accepting new patients.

Mesquite Pain Management Services

Pain Management is a a medical specialty that integrates a variety of disciplines to diagnose, treat, and manage acute and chronic pain. With an extensive background in bot pain management and anesthesiology, our Mesquite pain management physician has the experience to treat all levels of pain.

Back Pain

Most folks living in Mesquite are trying to manage back pain. It impacts many people is the primary cause for missing work. Our pain management team integrates the latest pain management techniques resulting in relief from back pain in Mesquite.

Sciatica Nerve Pain

When the sciatic nerve is compressed or inflamed the result is a condition know as sciatica. Pain caused by sciatica radiates from the lower back and down the legs. Our Mesquite pain management physicians offer pain treatments that deliver sciatica pain relief.

Neck Pain

Neck form comes in many different pain levels. Whether it is mild pain or severe, neck pain keeps many people from enjoying normal routines. Our pain management physicians utilize the latest advancements in pain treatments to help our patients find neck pain relief in Mesquite.

Arthritis Pain

Arthritic pain is debilitating. Our Sherman pain management physicians have the experience and expertise to properly identify the root type of arthritic pain and to deliver the proper arthritic pain relief.

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Pain caused by peripheral neuropathy can negatively impact simple daily activities such as standing, sitting, or walking. Our pain management physician utilizes the latest breakthrough in treating pain caused by peripheral neuropathy in Mesquite TX.

Pain Management Care

Regardless of the source and location of your pain, the Pain Treatment Institute can help you live pain free. Our Mesquite pain management doctors provide both conservative and minimally-invasive pain treatment solutions for chronic and acute pain. We accept new patients. Contact our Mesquite TX pain management clinic to schedule an appointment.

Pain Treatment Institute
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Back Pain Relief Mesquite

Learn how our pain management physician treats back pain in Mesquite.

Peripheral Nerve Pain Mesquite

Learn how our pain management physician treats peripheral neuropathy pain in Mesquite.

Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief Mesquite

Learn how our pain management physician treats sciatica nerve pain in Mesquite.

Neck Pain Relief Mesquite

Learn how our pain management physician treats neck pain in Mesquite.

Arthritis Pain Relief Mesquite

Learn how our pain management physician treats arthritis pain in Mesquite.

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