Pain Management for Sports Injuries

Being injured while playing sports is almost inevitable. Most of the time the injury is sudden and the pain is acute. However, some sports injuries cause pain later in life. Whether the pain is from a recent sports injury or from the past, our pain management physicians can help. Depending on the location, severity, and cause of the injury, our team may be able to recommend non-surgical treatments.

Types of Sports Injuries

Many different types of injuries can happen while playing sports. The most common types of sports injuries we see are to the neck, shoulder, wrist, ankle, back, knee and foot.

Sports Injury Treatment

Our team knows how to get you back in the game.  We always look for conservative, non-surgical treatments first.  If you have had an injury and don’t require immediate care, try the RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. If the pain persists, contact our clinic.

Please note that there are times when an injury requires immediate medical care. If the injury is severe, seek immediate medical attention.

Schedule an Appointment

Pain Treatment Institute is accepting new patients. If you have suffered a sports injury and are in pain, our pain management physicians can help. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Our Pain Management Physicians

Dr Preston Harmon Top Pain Management Doctor in Frisco McKinney Plano Sherman and Rockwall
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