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Dr. Syed operates separate practices within the Pain Treatment Institute. Dr. Syed operates his practice through Sameer Syed, MD, PA.

Dr. Syed has a direct or indirect contractual relationship with, or ownership interest in, the following health care professional(s) or facility(ies), which may include management companies, laboratories, pharmacies, neuromonitoring companies, imaging companies, medical device distributorships/manufacturers, first assist companies, anesthesia companies, ambulatory surgery centers, and/or hospitals. Dr. Sameer Syed has a direct or indirect contractual relationship with or ownership interest in, but is not limited to; Pain Treatment Institute, Sameer Syed, MD, PA, Anesthesia Healthcare Management Group, PLLC, BD Anesthesia Associates, Bywater Healthcare Services, PLLC, Esplanade Medical Services, PLLC, Frisco ASC, LLC, Healthcare Synergy, PA, Leading Anesthesia, PLLC, Physician Medical Management Partners, PLLC, Spectrum Anesthesia Consultants, PLLC, Treme Healthcare, LLC, Vario Health Centers, PLLC, Vitalogy Healthcare, PLLC and may benefit by referring to these health care professionals or health care facilities. Some of these professionals or facilities may be out of network and as a result, you may receive an out-of-network bill. You have the right to choose the provider of my health care services, and you are welcome to seek treatment from an alternative provider or at an alternative facility at any time. You will not be treated differently by Dr. Syed, or any other provider at the Pain Treatment Institute or any of its affiliates if you choose to obtain health care services from an alternative provider or at an alternative facility.

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