Medication Management

According to the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP), pain management is a “discipline of medicine devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of pain related disorders.” Medication management is an important treatment option for chronic pain. Dr. Syed and Dr. Harmon have the experience and expertise to properly prescribe and manage medications for the treatment on pain.

How Does Medication Management Work?

There are times when medication is needed to help reduce pain. Our pain management physicians will manage the medication treatment by:

  • Determining the proper medication
  • Prescribing the proper dose
  • Taking into account how medications interact with others
  • Look to minimize side effects

Properly managed, medications can optimize pain relief and improve the quality of life.

Why Include Medication Management?

We provide many different treatment options for treating pain. However, at times, when it comes to chronic pain, no single technique can deliver full pain relief. Relief may be found by combining treatments including medication. Based on the location of your pain, and the root cause of your pain, our pain management physicians will advise you as to whether medication management is appropriate for you.

Accepting New Patients

Pain Treatment Institute is committed to offering the latest advancements in medication management. Our pain management clinics are accepting new patients. Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Our Pain Management Physicians

Dr Preston Harmon Top Pain Management Doctor in Frisco McKinney Plano Sherman and Rockwall
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