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Reasons to Search for a Knee Specialist Near Me

Around 25% of adults experience knee pain. Its prevalence rose to around 65% over the past two decades, contributing to almost 4 million primary care consultations annually.

Are you asking questions like, “Should I start searching for a knee specialist near me?” If yes, then you may already be in a lot of pain. Here are the top reasons why you should not delay the consultation further.

1. Your pain may be due to a serious health issue.

Not all knee pain needs immediate medical treatment. Some may only be sprains and injuries that are manageable at home with ice, rest, and elevation. However, you must watch out for symptoms indicating a serious health issue. Examples include:

  • An obvious deformity or significant knee swelling
  • Crunching noises
  • Difficulty in bearing weight on your knee
  • Your knee tends to “give out” when you attempt to walk
  • The redness and swelling are accompanied by fever
  • The pain you feel is quite severe

A knee specialist near me can determine the underlying cause of your pain. Some common injuries you need to watch out for are:

  • MCL tear
  • ACL tear
  • Kneecap dislocation
  • Injury in the articular cartilage.

They will check your medical history, conduct a physical exam, and imaging tests. Remember that a correct diagnosis is the first step to determining an effective treatment plan.

2. Early detection prevents damage from worsening.

The knees help support your body weight. The constant use of the knees over time or heavy use in sports can lead to knee injury. This causes a lot of pain or, worse, disability.

If your knees are damaged and left untreated, you risk developing a serious condition. This may impair your mobility permanently. If you have chronic knee pain, you must consult a knee specialist as soon as possible. This will prevent the damage from worsening and get you on the road to recovery right away.

3. The pain you feel has been ongoing for a long period of time.

Being in constant pain to the point that your daily routine is disrupted shouldn’t be your norm. Chronic knee pain shouldn’t be ignored and must be checked by a knee specialist near me. Although some chronic knee conditions don’t have a cure, the treatment can help alleviate your pain.

4. The treatment given will be specific to your condition.

Having your knee assessed by a specialist allows him to determine a treatment specifically targeted for your case. This saves you from spending time and resources on treatments that don’t work.

There are different types of knee treatment, depending on the cause of the problem. This includes:

  • Physical therapy: Physical exercises aim to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee. The knee will become more stable, the pain will subside, and future injuries are prevented.
  • Medication: This is given to provide pain relief. Over-the-counter pain medication should not be taken if not prescribed by a knee specialist near me.
  • Injections – the injections contain lubricants and corticosteroids. These aim to reduce the inflammation in your knee to remove the pain and help you move freely.
  • Surgery – this is the last line of treatment since most cases are resolved with the previous treatments listed above. Knee surgical procedures have high success rates. They can also be done outpatient with a high chance of full recovery.

5. You want to know your progress.

A knee specialist will update you on your progress as you undergo treatment. This is crucial since it can serve as basis if your treatment plan is working or needs to be adjusted.

6. It can reduce the risk of re-injury.

A man is receiving a relaxing massage in a massage chair to help with pain management.

Physiotherapist giving back massage to a patient in clinic

Pain management doesn’t stop when receiving treatment. You also need to know how you can decrease the risk of re-injury. In this way, you will remain healthy and active. The knee specialist will give you proper guidance to avoid future injuries. Some of the things he may include in your regimen are:

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Stretching techniques
  • Practicing the correct form when doing exercises or playing sports
  • Choosing the appropriate footwear for each activity
  • Having braces or support to lessen stress on the knees
  • Warm-up and cool-down techniques to help with joint transition

Looking for the best knee specialist in Texas? You’ve come to the right place.

Knowing the significance of your symptoms and the need to get quality medical treatment is vital. A knee specialist is the best person to diagnose, treat, and manage knee pain caused by different factors.

If you’re struggling with your daily routine because of your condition, talk to our team. The Pain Treatment Institute is armed with years of experience and advanced medical techniques for pain management. We provide our patients with the attention and care needed to resolve their pain as soon as possible. Book a consultation with us today!

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Living with chronic pain doesn’t have to be a constant battle. If you’re searching for the best team to help you manage and alleviate your pain, then look no further than Pain Treatment Institute. With 6 convenient locations throughout DFW, we can help you find relief and regain control over your life.

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